Awards and Acclamations

  1. Shower of Roses
  2. Lily and Mama
  3. Catholic Spirituality For Children
  4. Catholic Book Lady
  5. Catholic Mom
  6. Catholic Book Lady on MMPJ
  7. Peanut Butter and Grace
  8. Pauline Charism
  9. 2 Jesus Sincerely
  10. “Plaid Jumper” Awarded Catholic Writers Guild Seal Of Approval June 30, 2017!
  11. Catholic Link
  12. Catholic Social Media Influencers
  13. Good News! Book Fair
  14. Catholic Children’s Books
  15. Catholic TV
  17. Hair Bows 4 Life
  18. Virginia Lieto
  19. Catholic Reads
  20. Virtue Works Media
  21. Power of Parable:  “Author/ illustrator Jeanie Egolf creates a unique treasure in each of her books. Fun characters children relate to and situations they are familiar with…but always with a twist that opens a child’s mind to consider the mysterious world of a generous vocation partnering with God. This new title (Party Invitation) is particularly delightful in that it specifically highlights the virtue of charity. I’m so glad that Molly can come alive in children’s imaginations and lead them on the path of faith and virtue.” -Catherine Gilmore, Feb. 15, 2018
  22. Catholic Books Bog