Molly Dolls!

So, I’m sewing.

From the get-go there have been rumors that Molly would be doll-ified, and so it is that sewing has resumed in the household.


This takes me back. My mom and I made a large rag doll complete with yarn pigtails and fabric-painted face. That seems like centuries ago. But I still remember how to do it. Well, with the help of Pinterest.

I also decided to cover this funky chair. Funky as in, I am making a funky, faux-leather-and-fur covered chair out of what is truly a funky, old, beat-up…heck it was a free cast off from Southern Ohio Medical Center’s furniture graveyard back in 2004! Here is the seat:

and here it is, nearly finalized:


Have you ever made a rag doll? Or made anything funky lately? Feel free to share!