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Let’s Party!


"Party Invitation" is a tale of true love, charity.
A true love story, Molly McBride and friends, with the help of Father Matt, learn the real meaning of charity. The story also subtly examines school bullying through a unique lens: “loving thy enemy” via the Gospel of Matthew.


February 17, 2018

“Another winner. I love Jeanie Egolf’s books! From the sensitive use of color–especially purple– in her drawings, to her very insightful bond to young children, this author sends a strong message of values that are sorely needed in parenting.”
Kaye Park Hinckley

February 16, 2018
“As a grandparent, finding books for grandchildren that have a moral message are few and far between. Learning colors and numbers and identifying animals are great for little ones, but you want something more for the pre-school and elementary school kids. That’s why the Molly McBride series by Jean Schoonover-Egolf is great. Each book has a message and a teachable moment, and Molly McBride and the Party Invitation is no exception. Dealing with the ‘bully’ in school is an important issue and this book with open the conversation at a level that kids can embrace.”
-Tony Agnesi


February 16, 2018
“This is the first book I have read in the Molly McBride series and I loved it! What a beautiful way to teach children the virtue of charity. Showing love for others is what Jesus calls all of us to do and this book displays that message perfectly. The stunning illustrations bring the story to life as little Molly learns a very important lesson. The author seamlessly ties in several gospel stories which is so important. This book should be a part of every family’s home library. I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series!”
-Carol D.

February 16, 2018
“Highly recommend! Beautifully written and illustrated, Molly McBride and the Party Invitation is the third in a series of books about Molly, a little girl who enjoys dressing in a purple habit. This one is about Molly’s sixth birthday party. Her mom insists on inviting every student in Molly’s class, but Molly doesn’t want to invite the bully in the class because ‘he is mean.’ This is a wonderful book that illustrates the virtues of charity and love of neighbor.”
-Ellen Gable Hrkach

February 16, 2018
“Jean Schoonover-Egolf has captured the excitement and struggles of young children in the pages of this sweet story! Molly McBride and the Party Invitation brings Jesus’ lesson of loving one’s enemy to life through the eyes of soon-to-be six-year-old Molly. I love how themes from the Gospel are shown through this story and how the children, especially Molly, take these themes to heart. This is a wonderful story for children about finding happiness in doing the right thing and true charity when faced with unkind people. And the illustrations on every page are amazing!”

February 15, 2018
“I loved this book for its sweet message of giving love and charity to all people, even our enemies. The children work through a difficult time with the help of their parents, the nuns, and Father Matt. The message is right on target about bullying, with the children using good role models to work out the right thing to do. The colors are vibrant, and the illustrations are delightful, with that vintage watercolor look that is taking the world of children’s books by storm!”
-E. Broestl

February 14, 2018

Molly McBride and the Party Invitation: A Story About the Virtue of Charity, by Jean Schoonover-Egolf, is the third in a series about a precocious five year old girl named Molly and her best friend Dominic. In this book, Molly’s mom said she had to invite her whole class to her upcoming 6th birthday party, but Molly and Dominic agreed that Sam, the mean boy, should not be invited. Molly and her friend Dominic learn a valuable lesson about being charitable (nice) to all, even if you don’t think you like them. It’s a hard lesson at almost six, especially when you don’t want your birthday party ruined by a mean boy. You see, they decided to ‘lose’ Sam’s invitation.

“Neither of them felt great about it, as they knew they were wrong. However, when Molly and Dominic’s families were volunteering at the local Convent, a Father Matt tells them stories about Jesus and how he was always kind to people no one else liked. He chose Peter as one of His Apostles, and drank after the Samaritan woman, sick people, and other outcasts. When Molly heard those stories, she knew she had to tell her mother the truth about Sam’s invitation.

“In the end, her family took Sam his ‘lost’ invitation and Sam came to her party.

“‘Never judge a book by it’s cover,’ my Grandma Wren used to say. She was an English and History Teacher, and one of the best people I’ve ever known. I couldn’t help but think of her when I read this sweet book. She would have loved it!

“This is a must-have for any family teaching the Virtues to their children. A book that we can all learn from.

“Well done Ms. Egolf – WELL DONE!”
-Emily Davis

February 22, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
“Molly McBride and the Party Invitation is beautifully bright, relatable, and includes a salient message about the virtue of charity. I’ve read oodles and oodles of picture books to my children and currently have two still firmly in the picture book stage. So, why did I struggle to review this book?

“Because my 5-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl didn’t seem to enjoy the book as much as I did. They paid attention as I read, studying the pictures and understanding the text, but when I asked them if they liked it, they were underwhelmed.

“The reason why confirms that this is an important book to read and discuss with children – at least mine. Because they weren’t turned off my the illustrations. Or the story. They were challenged by the message. Not Jean Schoonover-Egolf’s message. Jesus’s message.

“The reason for the book’s less than enthusiastic reception wasn’t because of the book per se, it was because what God calls us to – what he’s calling little Molly and Dominic to in the story – is not easy.

“My kids’ gut reaction is that they wouldn’t want to invite a not-so-nice kid to their party. It’s uncomfortable. It may be unpleasant. It may not end happily. And that’s why your kids, like mine (like me, if I’m honest), should read this Molly McBride book and talk about it. Because they’re called to do more than what’s comfortable or easy. And maybe Molly McBride can help them understand why and how.”

-An Open Book Family

February 20, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
“This third Molly McBride book does just what the subtitle says. It teaches via excellent storytelling about the virtues of love, forgiveness and charity. Spoken on the level that a child can understand, the plot depicts a wholesome family aiming to do the right thing. Molly McBride is able to overcome the harsh feelings she has toward one of her classmates when she finally responds to her own heart to forgive. Additionally, cover to cover, this book is wonderfully illustrated! Each page has elaborate , richly textured pictures that clearly follow the conversation and each turn of the story. Hats are off to Ms Schoonover-Egolf. What a superb tale she weaves in a beautifully designed book to teach the virtues to children!”
-R. Smith

February 21, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
“I was delighted to discover Molly McBride and the Party Invitation. It’s easy for children to relate to Molly and her friend Dominic. Molly struggles with whether to invite an unkind classmate to her birthday party. Through the course of the story, she learns the meaning of the virtue of charity. The illustrations in this book are fantastic. They pull you directly into the action. It would be easy for a child reading the story to feel like he or she was right there with Molly. This book would make a nice gift for a child, but it could also be used as a learning tool during CCD classes and religion classes to spark discussions.”