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. . . also known as Jeanie Egolf.

Dr. Jean Schoonover-Egolf, creator of the award-winning  Molly McBride series of Catholic children's books.
Dr. Jean Schoonover-Egolf, creator of the award-winning Molly McBride series of Catholic children’s books.

I’m a retired Internal Medicine physician-turned-homeschooling mom/artist/author and the creator of the Molly McBride series. (Molly is a 5-year-old who wants to be a “purple nun” when she grows up, just like her friends, the Children of Mary sisters.) 

MM Easter FB banner-01
What’s in your Easter Basket?

The award-winning series is loved by children ages 3-11 and the perfect introduction to religious vocations for both girls AND boys, since the other main character (Dominic) wants to be a priest. Click here to learn more.


Purple Habit

BOOK ONE is more than just a tale about attachment to certain favorite outfits. It’s really a FIRST COMMUNION STORY and always a huge hit as a gift for those second-graders on your shopping list.



Plaid Jumper

In BOOK TWO, Molly is entering kindergarten and, in addition to her wardrobe dilemma, faces separation anxiety from her beloved “wolf-pet-named-Francis” plushie toy.

"Plaid Jumper" Wins SOA
Book Two in the “Molly McBride” series is awarded the Catholic Writers’ Guild SEAL OF APPROVAL

"Party Invitation" is a tale of true love, charity.
Party Invitation

BOOK THREE teaches children about the virtue of charity via the Gospels and a school bully.

"Party Invitation" vote best children's book of 2018
Molly McBride and the Party Invitation: A Story About the Virtue of Charity was our hottest seller of 2018 and continues to delight readers young and old.

BOOK FOUR is scheduled to be released in time for Christmas 2019!

All are available at Amazon or wherever books are sold.

All of us here at the “McBride” house are happy you stopped by. Be sure to give Molly’s FB page a “Like” and even consider joining her group “Purple Habit People and Molly McBride Members” for up-to-date news on new releases and cute cartoons.


Important for scavenger hunters:

Clue to write down: ARMED WITH

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